A Few Images from Vegas

I just got back from a week of professional development at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers Internation (WPPI) convention in Vegas. It was a great opportunity to learn from some of the best people in the industry. I’ve come away from it with tons of great ideas about how to make my business stronger and provide my clients with the very best images possible.

In addition to getting ideas from many of the great speakers there, I also had the opportunity to go out on a couple of shoots with models from the area.

The first group of images were created during a workshop in and around the MGM Grand where the convention was held.

Photographing a wedding couple poolside at the MGM Grand.

Wedding couple relaxing by the pool.

Posing in natural light.
The next two were taken in the hallway of the MGM in front of the Cirque du Soleil Ka painting (which was an awesome show, by the way).

Posing in front of Ka artwork.

The second shoot was out in the desert at Red Rocks with three other photographers, much more of my pace compared to the craziness in Vegas. The last time I was here was 17 years ago on a climbing section NOLS course, so it was fun to return.

Guitar in the desert.

Husband and wife embracing with guitars at Red Rocks.

Couple playing guitars in the desert.

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