Brinda and Peter’s Vermont Wedding

The Vermont countryside is always a great venue for a wedding day, but what made Brinda & Peter’s day memorable was the unique combination of eastern and western traditions. Brinda and her family brought the great color and spirit of their Bengali heritage to Peter’s kind and thoughtful family on their farm in Westminster, Vermont, which has been in his family for decades. It was a day filled with love, celebration, happiness, and lots of fun. There was no shortage of outstanding photographic opportunities, and it is this kind of day that makes my job as a wedding photographer so enjoyable. Brinda, Peter and their famies are wonderful people, and I truly enjoyed photographing their wedding.

I met Brinda for the first time in person right before her ceremony, and she looked stunning.

Beautiful henna, dress, and jewelry.

The flower girls thought she looked great, too…

…and were excited to compare their hands.

Peter and his mother looked pretty sharp themselves.

Getting ready to walk to the upper field for the ceremony.

Brinda and her parents beginning the processional.

Heading to the field.

There was traditional music and a poem read during the ceremony.

In addition to exchanging rings, Brinda & Peter also exchanged garlands in the Bengali tradition.

Brinda’s friends sang during the ceremony, which really touched her.

Just married.

Ring power.

A fun group photo of both families.

There were plenty of interesting places for photos on the farm.

There was a beautiful ray of sunlight that shone through the trees
and lit their faces perfectly in front of the barn.

Portrait by the pond.

On the road past the pond.

Happy couple.

Before the reception, there was a traditional Bengali introduction in which Brinda and her new mother-in-law put honey in each other’s ears…

..and fed each other sweets.

Beautiful table arrangements.

Maple candy and chocolate cake.

Chocolate wedding cake.

Brinda’s mother making a toast.

Peter’s mother making a toast.

Laughter and happiness were a big part of the day.

First dance.

The DJs had no trouble filling the dance floor, and it stayed full all night.

Brinda and her mom gettin’ down.

Brinda and Peter

4 thoughts on “Brinda and Peter’s Vermont Wedding

  1. Congrats and all the best for a long and happy married life to Brinda & Peter. God bless the ‘made for each other’ couple.

  2. Great photos. The bride looks stunning!

    We request an Indian encore – in Goa and Kolkata!

    All the best to the young couple!

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