Chloe + Nate | Married at Cobb Hill Estate

79_Bride and groom hold each other under star lit sky with mountains in background.jpg

Chloe + Nate | Married at Cobb Hill Estate

Chloe and Nate’s wedding took place on a picture-perfect day in August. A wedding in New Hampshire offers visitors and residents alike the chance to stop, breathe deeply and take in the stunning vistas. Chloe’s bridal gown, styled with old-fashioned lace blended expertly with the natural aesthetic. The couple clearly put a lot of time into their event, incorporating many creative homemade signs and DIY elements. All of their hard work paid off, because the whole event was flawless, intimate and sweet.

Before the ceremony, Chloe met Nate in a clearing overlooking Mount Monadnock for their first look. We photographed them as they walked together under a magnificent sky of brilliant blue and puffy white clouds.

The couple asked their guests for an unplugged ceremony, meaning leave the photo taking to me! It makes a huge difference. Not only the photos, but in how the energy of the ceremony  becomes focused on the loving bride and groom instead of viewing it through our devices. I love the photos of the bride and groom coming up the aisle being chased by a slew of children throwing rice.

To top off this lovely event, we were treated to an extraordinary sunset, which transformed into a glowing, starlit canopy for the bride and groom to dance the night away.

Thanks for choosing me to capture your wedding! May you have a lifetime of happiness, health and gorgeous sunsets together.

To see more of my wedding photography, visit my portfolio or check out other posts from my blog. I am available for consultations, and I look forward to speaking with you about your special event.

02_Bridal gown hangs in front of window overlooking green mountain scene.jpg
07_Mother of the bride gives her daughter a kiss.jpg
08_Bride poses for camera in old fashioned lace gown with pink rose belt and pearls.jpg
04_Groom in grey suit ties his shoes over purple argyle socks.jpg
13_Groom and groomsmen show off their purple and yellow argyle socks.jpg
10_Groom and groomsmen hang out on deck before ceremony.jpg
12_Groom in grey suit vest and purple tie stands outside.jpg
14_Groom waits as bride walks behind him for first look ceremony.jpg
15_Bride reaches groom for their first look ceremony.jpg
16_Bride and groom hold each other in first look ceremony.jpg
17_Groom takes in the beauty of his bride in first look ceremony.jpg
20_Bride and groom laugh and kneel to pet their dog.jpg
22_Bride and groom walk together in Green Mountain landscape.jpg
24_Bride and groom stand in front of old wooden fence with Green Mountain range behind them.jpg
25_Bride and groom look out from screened-in cabin overlooking Green Mountain range.jpg

28_Bride and groom smile at each other while standing in field of wildflowers_.jpg
32_Groom stands with his groomsmen in front of mountain range.jpg
33_Purple flowers decorate the wedding reception.jpg
36_Unplugged wedding sign displayed at entrance to outdoor wedding ceremony.jpg
37_Groom and his father walk on path over bridge to ceremony.jpg
38_Bride walks down stairs on her way to ceremony.jpg
40_Groom walks with his mother down the isle in outdoor ceremony held in Vermont.jpg
42_Bride walks with her parents to outdoor ceremony.jpg
43_Bride looks to altar as she walks over bridge to ceremony with her parents.jpg
45_Wedding ceremony in Vermont takes place outside overlooking mountain range.jpg
46_Bride stands with bridesmaids flanking her in outdoor ceremony_.jpg
47_Bride and groom smile while listening to officiant at altar.jpg
49_Groom and bride walk up isle as guests cheer and clap in outdoor wedding ceremony.jpg
52_Bride and groom hold ring ceremony on porch of cabin.jpg
53_Bridal party enjoys a celebratory shot on porch of cabin.jpg
54_Groom holds bride and they take in the mountain scene.jpg
58_Bride and groom smile at each other during first dance.jpg
59_Groom kneels and bride twirls around him during first dance.jpg
61_Bride and groom stand on ridge line overlooking Green Mountain range in late summer_.jpg
62_Bride and groom smile at each other along fence at sunset.jpg
63_Bride and groom stand together at sunset on mountain ridge_.jpg
65_Silhouette of bride and groom against sunset sky.jpg
66_Bride and groom kiss at sunset.jpg
67_Bride and groom hold each other at sunset on mountain ridge.jpg
68_Groomsman makes speech under tent at reception.jpg
71_Bride and groom cheers with their parents during wedding speeches.jpg
73_Father of the bride smiles while reading speech.jpg
74_Bride dances with her father during wedding reception.jpg
76_Groom grins at his mother while dancing with her.jpg
80_Guests dance under tent during wedding reception.jpg
82_Bridesmaid dances with her partner on the dance floor at wedding reception.jpg

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