Horse Happy Senior Portraits | Laura

12_Senior portrait of a young woman riding her horse in blue maxi dress next to barn_.jpg

Horse Happy Senior Portraits | Laura

Laura wanted her senior portraits to illustrate the connection between human and horse. As an artist herself, she seeks the whimsical and the enchanting. She’s all about movement and animals, so we incorporated those elements as much as possible.  I thought her outfit choice for the photos on her horse was beautiful.

Laura is undecided where she might head after she graduates, but is interested in pursuing art and dreams of becoming a jockey! Laura was a pleasure to photograph and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Are you searching for someone to capture your future senior in their element? I love when my clients bring me to the places that inspire them, or bring belongings that speak to their identity. It always make for interesting sessions, and I’m able to capture your loved one amongst what they are most passionate about. For more examples of my work, check out some other blog posts on my website or call to receive your complimentary consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

02_Black and white portrait of teen girl looking to the side in the barn with her horse.jpg
04_Studio portrait of blonde teenaged girl holding basketball wearing school jersey.jpg
20_Landscape portrait of young blonde teen sitting in the grass before a backdrop of summer green.jpg
11_Teen girl in long blue dress rides her horse down the road next to a corn field.jpg
09_Young woman wearing long blue dress poses on her horse in front of a corn field_.jpg
06_Young woman stands outside on sandy path with her horse.jpg
15_Blonde teen girl in green blouse and jeans sits for studio senior portrait.jpg
14_Black and white studio portrait of seated teen girl.jpg
21_Barefoot teen girl stands in forest for outdoor senior portrait.jpg
07_Senior portrait of a teen girl in blue dress standing with her horse in corn field.jpg
29_Portrait of teen girl holding her saddle against wooden fence.jpg
05_Young woman in green sweater stands with her horse outside.jpg
27_Blonde teen leans against wooden fence holding saddle.jpg
02_Blonde teen in green blouse and jeans stands for studio portrait with hands in belt loops.jpg
28_Blonde teen wearing red vest leans against wooden fence holding saddle.jpg
04_Young woman stands looking at her horse on a path surrounded by green.jpg
01_Studio portrait of blonde teenaged girl wearing green blouse.jpg
31_Teen girl wearing red vest stands against fence with her saddle_.jpg
03_Blonde teen in green blouse poses for outdoor senior portrait against summer green backdrop.jpg

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