Jenny & Mike’s Engagement Session

I always love it when I get to do an engagement session at a place that is meaningful to a couple, and it was really nice last week to spend time with Jenny & Mike in an area close to there home. We walked from there cute house in Somerville to Harvard Square, and found endless photographic opportunities. We even had a chance to get pizza and a drink together when we were done!

Jenny and Mike were a lot of fun to work with. I can’t wait for their wedding this summer. They are getting married at one of my favorite venues, Cobb Hill Estate in New Hampshire this July. Wonderful people in a beautiful place. What more could a wedding photographer ask for?

Couple on thier front porch in Somerville during their engagement session.

On their front porch in Somerville during their engagement session.

Engagment session in Somerville, MA.
Engagement session in Harvard Square.
Couple during their engagement session in Harvard Square.

Walking through Harvard Square.

On the steps in Harvard Square.
Couple under a tree rightnext to the Charles River.
On the bridge over the Charles River.

On the bridge over the Charles River.

On the bridge crossing the Charles River.
Lots of ivy during this engagment session.
On a bench right next to Harvard Square.
Outside the theater.

6 thoughts on “Jenny & Mike’s Engagement Session

  1. What great pictures! They really bring out Jenny and Mike’s personality and they are so natural looking. We can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

  2. Steve, thanks so much for traveling down here, and for doing such a great job of capturing us and the place we call home. Can’t wait to see the rest!
    -Jenny & Mike

  3. great pictures. definitely jenny & mike’s personality. The pictures just show how perfect they are for eachother! I’m sure the wedding photo’s will be just as great.

  4. What awesome pictures!! You are such an adorable couple!! We can’t wait for the wedding!! Love you guys!! 🙂

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