Lydia | Senior Portraits

39_Teenager in black and white maxi dress poses in front of fence with forest in background.jpg

Lydia | Senior Portraits

Lydia is graduating from high school this Spring and came to us for her senior portraits. She’s into sports, especially volleyball. When not at school, she can be found hanging out with her friends, sipping Shirley Temples and listening to pop hits. Lydia is outgoing and funny, and she knew she wanted her portraits to portray her authentic self. She has stunning eyes, which made for another beautiful edition of our senior portrait series. She was fun to photograph, and I hope she returns to work with us again in the future. Thanks Lydia!

21_Teen smiles in portrait with a black eyed susan behind her ear._.jpg
05_Black and white portrait of a teenager wearing casual clothes.jpg
29_Teen in black and white maxi dress poses next to stonewall.jpg
30_Teen in black and white maxi dress sits on stonewall with barn in background.jpg
33_Teenager wearing black and white maxi dress poses in front of red barn door.jpg
32_Teenager with brown hair looks into the distance in late summer field.jpg
17_Teen smiles in portrait taken in field of wildflowers.jpg
08_Close up portrait of teenager with brown hair.jpg
11_Teen poses outside with maroon tanktop and sunglasses.jpg
23_Teen wearing blue teeshirt and pink shorts poses in streambed.jpg
16_Teen wearing white romper poses in summer field of wildflowers.jpg
10_Teen smiles with sunglasses resting on her head._.jpg
06_Teenager wth brown hair poses in white dress._.jpg
22_Teen poses with flower behind her ear, laying in a green field of wildflowers.jpg
03_Teenager with brown hair poses on a chair wearing a jean shirt._.jpg
28_Teen wearing black and white maxi dress walks barefoot in front of barn.jpg
24_Teen wearing blue teeshirt and pink shorts sits on a rock by a river.jpg
19_Teen in white romper and jean jacket poses in field of wildflowers.jpg

14_Teen sits on a pile of stones in front of tree wearing maroon tanktop and jean shorts.jpg
37_Girl in black and white maxi dress poses along fence in garden filled with flowers.jpg


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