River + Field Senior Portraits | Carly

11_Teenaged girl wearing flowing blue pants stands on the banks of a river.jpg

River + Field Senior Portraits | Carly

Carly was a pleasure to photograph! She’s bright and full of energy. She prefers to be outside and moving, so we took our session outdoors to the river and a field full of wildflowers. Running, hiking, skiing, you name it and Carly is already all over it. She dreams of taking her love for the natural world into her career. She wants to study biology and environmental science to become an environmental engineer. Her friends describe her as confident and positive, and I think these traits show up magnificently in her portraits. Though she’s looking forward to her graduation this spring, she knows she will miss herfriends and the source of guidance and skills that she has come to value in her high school. I’ll see you on the trails, Carly!

Graduating high school is no easy feat! Senior portraits are an excellent way to celebrate the accomplishments of your growing children or grandchildren. Get a jump on the seasonal rush for portraits and book an outdoor spring or summer session for your future senior today. You can see more of my work on the rest of the blog, or get familiar with what a session entails here.

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04_Black and white portrait of teen girl with wavy hair and floral tank top against studio backdrop.jpg
15_Young woman in white blouse stands in a field of wildflowers with her hands on her hip.jpg
14_Teen girl in a field wearing white blouse and jeans holds a flower in her hands.jpg
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10_Brunette wavy haired teen stands on the banks of a river wearing flowing pants and a white tank top.jpg
12_Teenaged young woman in skinny jeans and long sleeve white blouse stands in a field of wildflowers.jpg
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03_Teen girl in brown tank top and jeans stands against wall for studio portrait.jpg

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