Rustic Lodge Wedding at Camp Takodah – Richmond, NH

This rustic lodge wedding took place at Camp Takodah in Richmond, NH where Amanda and Nicholas first met working at one of New Englands greatest summer camps. This location was clearly very important to them, and I enjoyed the picturesque waterfront setting.

I met them through Olivia and Dan, whose wedding I photographed in 2011.  It’s always great to photograph friends of past clients because I get to see them again!

One of my favorite moments from this wedding was when their friends each said something special to them during the candlelit ceremony in their rustic barn wedding. It was really touching and you could tell the couple will remember that moment for years to come.

It was a pleasure to work with them and I hope you enjoy their photos!

1_bride-groom-beautiful-lake 2_bride-getting-makeup-applied 3_Groomsman-helps-attach-veil-to-brides-hair 4_bride-peeking-out-from-door-with-dress-hanging-from-railing 5_bride-poses-in-front-of-wooden-staircase 6_groom-and-groomsmen-2 7_calla-lilly-wedding-bouquet 8_groom-smiles-at-bride 9_groom-and-bride-smile-at-one-another 10_bride-smiles-at-groom 11_bride-groom-smile-stone-staircase 12_bride-groom-walk-through-woods-2 13_bride-groom-smiling-wooden-balcony 14_bride-groom-close-up-lake 15_bride-groom-lake-2 16_bride-groom-lake 17_close-up-bride-groom_ 18_smiling-bride-groom 19_wedding-party-wooden-balcony 20_bride-groom-sitting-on-wooden-steps-2 21_bride-groom-wooden-posts 22_Wedding-party-woods 23_bride-groom-kiss-wedding-party-celebrates 24_beautiful-scenery-trees-lake 25_bride-groom-beautiful-lake-2 26_bride-groom-look-at-lake 27_bride-groom-smiling-holding-hands-lake 28_bridesmaids-groomsman-bride-groom 29_bride-groom-parents 30_bride-walking-with-two-bridesmaids 31_relative-in-purple 32_grooms-walks-down-aisle 33_bride-father-get-ready-to-walk-down-aisle 33_wedding-vows 34_wedding-ceremony-wooden-barn 35_first-kiss-bride-groom 36_Bride-groom-balcony 37_bride-groom-enter-reception 38_groomsman-gives-toast-2 39_first-dance-bride-groom-2 40_father-daughter-dance

Did you love this wedding and are engaged yourself?  We’d love to hear from you!  Send us an email to introduce yourself and tell us about your day!

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