Rustic Mountain Top Inn Wedding – Chittenden, VT

When Alyson & Jordan were planning their wedding, they knew if they focused on what was important to them, it would be a great day and their guests would have a good time, too. That is exactly what happened at their rustic Mountain Top Inn wedding in Chittenden, VT.


The weather couldn’t have been any more beautiful for their outdoor ceremony. Exchanging vows surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains perfectly reflected their love of New Englandandtheoutdoors. The ceremony was simpleandsweet,buteventhislaid-backcouple got a little emotional while they said their vows. I know Alyson will never forget the look on Jordan’s face at that moment.

The outpouring of love continued at the reception. I’m pretty certain the most memorable moment for everyone was the speech that Jordan’s mother gave when she read a letter Jordan’s father had written before he passed away that contained advice to be read when the first family member got married. It was so touching for him to still be able to be a part of their day.

All the DIY details (thanks to the bride’s mother)…from the wedding programs to chalkboard signs, spray-painted lanterns to burlap and lace table runners, bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral centerpieces put together by family members…showed that thought and love went into every detail, every decoration.

Alyson & Jordan’s day was a time of celebration, beauty, and fun. I was honored to be able to celebrate with them and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

01_mountain-top-inn 02_wedding-dress-shoes-window 03_wedding-shoes-window-sill 04_wedding-rings 05_bride-hanger 06_reflection-of-bride-smiling-in-mirror 08_bride-wearing-wedding-dress 10_close-up-of-bride 11_attaching-boutineer 11_bride-on-couch-bridesmaids-behind 12_groom-groomsmen 13_bride-holding-bouquet 15_bride-walking-down-staircase 16_bride-walks-up-to-groom-from-behind 18_first-look-kiss 19_groom-holds-bride-smiling 21_bride-groom-hold-hands 22_bride-groom-stand-under-arch 23_bride-groom-holding-hands-path 24_bride-groom-lake-canoes 26_bride-groom-look-at-each-other-standing-in-front-of-lake 27_bride-groom-hold-hands-by-lake 28_bride-groom-pier 29_bride-groom-wooden-fence-overlooking-mountains 30_bride-groom-kiss-by-wooden-fence 31_bride-groom-smile 32_bride-bridesmaids-outside-mountains 33_bride-bridesmaids-outside 34_groom-groomsmen-outdoors-hands-in-pockets 35_wooden-basket-of-wedding-programs 37_outdoor-wedding-ceremony-arch 38_bridesmaids-wave 39_father-bride-walk-to-ceremony 40_father-bride-walk-to-ceremony 41_groom-groomsmen-ceremony 43_father-walks-bride-down-aisle 44_outdoor-wedding-ceremony 45_outdoor-wedding-ceremony 46_wedding-party-ceremony 47_groom-smiles-at-bride-during-ceremony 48_bride-groom-first-kiss 49_bride-groom-first-kiss  51_family-picture-frames 53_maple-syrup-wedding-favor-guest-table-numbers 54_bride-groom-reception-table 55_pink-flower-reception-table 56_reception-table-decoration 58_reception-hall 59_decorated-tables-at-reception 60_wedding-favors-table-numbers 62_sweets-table 63_bride-groom-first-dance 64_bride-groom-first-dance 66_bride-groom-laugh-sitting-at-reception-table 69_bride-groom-bridesmaid-groomsmen-sparklers-love 70_bride-groom-kiss-outdoors-night

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