Rustic Outdoor Wedding – Chittenden, VT

Blue skies, white clouds, and gorgeous mountains were the perfect backdrop for Alison & Joe’s rustic outdoor wedding at the Mountain Top Inn. The views were breathtaking and all the little details came together to be a day Alison, Joe, their family, and their friends will never forget.


The sun shined bright for the ceremony. Guests sat on wooden benches as the happy couple shared their vows while standing under a wooden arch, accented with pink and white flowers. There were lots of smiles, lots of laughter. A great beginning to being husband and wife.

The celebration moved into the Event Barn for the reception. White lights were draped from the rafters. Blue cloths and pink flower accents decorated the tables. A photo booth was set up to capture the fun all the guests were having throughout the night. All these small details came together a night no one wanted to end.

Alison & Joe were surrounded by so much love and I was honored to be their photographer.

1_resort 2_resort 3_wedding-dress-hanger 5_wedding-bands 6_wedding-invitation-wedding-bands 7_groom-fixing-tie-mirror 10_brides-wedding-shoes 11_wedding-bouquet 12_wedding-bouquet 14_groomsman-attaches-boutineer 16_bride-hugs-father 17_bridesmaids-help-with-dress 19_bridesmaids-help-with-dress-black-white 20_bride-earrings 22_flower-girl-bridesmaids 23_bride-bridesmaids-champagne 24_groom-smiles 25_bride-flower-girl 27_groomsman-groom-father-outside 29_groom-groomsmen-outside 30_bride-father-outside 31_bridemaids-outside 32_flowers-stake-outside-ceremony 34_wooden-arch-flowers-ceremony 35_groomsman-holds-wedding-program 37_horses-moutains 38_flowers-mason-jar-ceremony 40_flower-girl 42_Groom-waiting-ceremony 43_bride-father-ceremony 46_bride-father-ceremony 48_wedding-ceremony 49_bride-groom-candle 50_outdoor-wedding-ceremony 51_outdoor-wedding-ceremony 52_bride-smiles-ceremony 54_wedding-party-ceremony 55_bride-groom-hold-hands-ceremony 56_bride-groom-kiss 57_bride-groom-aisle 59_bride-groom-flower-girl 60_wedding-party-outdoors 62_wedding-bouquets-shoes 64_bride-groom-kiss-moutains  66_bride-groom-hold-hands-outside 67_bride-groom-sit-log 69_bride-smiles-groom 70_bride-groom-hold-hands-outside 72_bride-groom-wooden-fence 73_bride-groom-swing 74_bride-groom-kiss-lake 76_bride-groom-kiss-woods 77_bride-groom-hold-hands-path-woods 79_reception 81_table-reception 83_tables-reception 84_flower-guest-table 87_paper-roses 88_bride-groom-reception 89_bride-groom-dance-recption 90_bride-groom-dance-recption 91_bridesmaid-speech-reception 94_bride-groom-cut-cake 95_bride-groom-outside-night


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