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19_Teenaged girl in dress stands in lake.jpg

Maddie | Senior Portraits

Here’s Maddie! Maddie was super fun to photograph. For her outdoor session, we adventured to a misty lakeshore. Her enthusiastic demeanor and comfort in her own skin shows in her portraits, especially the shots of her wading in the lake wearing a beautiful floral dress.

Maddie is about to enter her final year of high school. She is looking forward to the excitement of this time, as well as the changes it will bring to her life. She’s noticed some of her friends are stressed about what comes next, and she wants to be seen as “someone who is present and happy with today instead of nervous about the future.” Though she doesn’t know what college she wants to attend yet, she plans to study sociology and psychology, and eventually pursue a master’s or graduate program in social work. I believe Maddie will be a valuable asset to whatever community she enters. Best of luck to you Maddie!

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