SHP Website Makes Slideshow Pro Top 10


I’m excited to announce that my newly redesigned website has just made the Slideshow Pro top ten user examples for February. I’ve been using Slideshow Pro on my website for years, and they just released a number of new features that I incorportated into the design. I’m using the new features of their flash SlideShowPro & ThumbGrid components and serving all of the images from SlideShowPro Director. They make great products and have excellent service, and I’m honored to be included in their user examples.

4 thoughts on “SHP Website Makes Slideshow Pro Top 10

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks so much for your nice words. I actually built the site myself with some web design skills tucked away in a dusty corner of my mind. I’ve had fun doing it, and I’m glad to see that people like it.


  1. I love the simple straightforward and content centric design of your new website. The fact that you did it all by yourself underlies your technical skills as well as good taste. … and did I mention I’m a hard-to-please g. designer? 🙂 All the best and keep on shooting those wonderful images!

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