Meredith + Patrick | Married


Spring Mountain Top Inn and Resort Wedding

The colors were navy blue and pink. The flower girl and ring bearer were the four-legged kind. Cupcakes were for dessert. And, there were sparklers. Who doesn’t love sparklers? All in all, it was the perfect day for Meredith & Patrick’s Spring Mountain Top Inn and Resort wedding.

The bride wore a cream, strapless gown with delicate beading and small fabric flowers. The groom wore a gray suit with pink tie and pink pocket square. He also had a hidden detail – their wedding date was stitched inside his suit coat. Small things like that truly are the big things and will always be a reminder of this special day.

Simple details from the ceremony included the maid of honor singing and playing the guitar and the couple’s two dogs serving as the flower girl and ring bearer. From the short time I’ve known Meredith & Patrick, I knew these were things very important to them and they deserved to be showcased at their wedding.

The reception had the perfect amount of simple elegance. Tables were decorated with lace table runners, navy napkins, and small bouquets of light pink roses. My favorite decorative touch was the centerpieces. Small branches, some just starting to bud, in tall glass vases were the perfect look for this Spring day. I’m always amazed at something so simple making such a statement.

While this was their day, Meredith & Patrick also wanted their wedding celebration to be for their family and friends, too. Everyone in attendance played a role in who they were. Who they had become. “Welcome to our beginning” was painted on a wooden sign. It was simple, perfect, and said so much about who they are. I was honored to witness the start of their lives together.

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