August 31, 2018

Barn Time | Hazel’s Senior Portraits

09_Silhouette of girl with her horse in barn door.jpg

Barn Time | Hazel’s Senior Portraits

Here’s Hazel! Hazel will be a graduate of the class of 2019. She came to Steve Holmes Photography as one of my Senior Models. We completed a studio session in the spring, and then met at her barn for an on-location portrait session with her horses. As you might be able to ascertain from these photos, Hazel is wild about horseback riding. We started in her barn as she prepped for a quick ride. It was there that I grabbed my favorite photo from the day- the silhouette of her with her horse in the doorway of the barn. I love the spiderwebs glistening in that perfect evening sunlight during that moment they are sharing together. Horses are incredible creatures. I am always thankful when I get to work with clients who want to be photographed with them. 

Besides riding, Hazel enjoys swimming and eating meals outside with her family and friends. She’s described by her friends as a casual dresser, natural and funny. She likes listening to Zella Day, QUINN and Luke Bryan. She plans to attend a four year college, but is considering a gap year before she dives in. Hazel wanted her happiness to come through in her photos. After working with her, I’m not sure there’s a way we could have done otherwise. She was a pleasure to photograph and I hope to see her again in the future. 

Are you searching for the right photographer to capture your senior portraits? My work as a photographer is to place you in a setting where you feel confident and comfortable. Like Hazel’s photos, your natural beauty will shine through. For more senior portrait inspiration, check out my blog or my portfolioGet in touch today to set up your complimentary consultation and get your session on the books. 
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04_Teen girl in plaid shirt laughs with arms crossed on knee for studio senior portrait.jpg
26_Teen girl stands in field at sunset with her hands in her jean pockets for senior portrait.jpg
18_Brunette teen walks with horse in field for senior photo.jpg
22_Brunette teen leans against a barn wall wearing jeans and a tank top for black and white senior portrait.jpg
25_Teen girl sits on a pile of hay bales in barn for senior portrait.jpg
15_Teen looks to the side while riding her horse for senior photo.jpg
08_Teen girl places bit in horses mouth for senior portrait.jpg
03_Teen girl in plaid shirt poses in chair for black and white studio senior portrait.jpg
16_Brunette teen pets her horse for outdoor senior portrait.jpg
02_Brunette teen wearing jeans and tan sweater leans against wall for studio senior portrait.jpg
11_Teen girl rides her horse through field for senior portrait.jpg
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10_Teen girl leads her horse through field for senior portrait.jpg
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12_Teen girl rides her horse with barn and house in background_.jpg
19_Teen girl stands next to her horse with hand in jean pocket for senior photo.jpg
01_Brunette teen wearing jeans and tan sweater sits on wooden box for studio senior portrait.jpg
20_Brunette teen in jeans and a red floral tank top leans against stone wall for senior portrait.jpg
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