August 18, 2011

BriAna’s Senior Portraits

During senior portrait sessions, seniors will sometimes bring a prop that has special meaning or significance. For BriAna’s studio session, she brought one of her owls. She loves owls, and we had fun posing the owl in a few of the photos. After her her studio session, we discussed ideas for where to go for her on-location session that we had scheduled. I then remembered that at the Vermont Institue of Natural Science (VINS) you can set up a session to photograph the birds. Would they let us photograph a real owl as part of a senior portait session? Yes!

The Barred Owl we worked with was wonderful, as was the staff at VINS. We got some great portraits of the two of them before heading into the fields of lupine with just BriAna.


Beautiful images, I used to play guitar so it brings back memories. You do very nice work.
Shaun David