September 14, 2018

Brick, Stone and Water | Emily’s Senior Photos

Brick, Stone and Water

Brick, Stone and Water | Emily’s Senior Photos

Meet Emily! Emily graduated this spring from our local high school. She participated in my senior model program and was a pleasure to work with to capture her senior photos. When I asked Emily to describe herself in one word, she responded, “adventurous.” So, we headed to one of my favorite places to photograph- an old abandoned mill down by the river. We checked out the river bank. Then we spent some time exploring the brick and metal structure of the mill that’s been overgrown with vines. It’s a really cool spot and paired well with Emily’s style.

Emily plans to be chemist. She likes being outdoors, hiking or enjoying a picnic. At school she was involved in soccer, nordic skiing, and lacrosse. She’s fun-loving and free-spirited, and she can wiggle her ears! She likes American Eagle, Instagram, BeyoncĂ©, Twenty One Pilots and Niki Minaj. She claims she can’t live without her cell phone, but we managed to get her to put it down for our photo shoot. Good luck next year, Emily!

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02_Teen girl wearing jean top looks at camera for studio senior portrait.jpg
18_Brunette teen wearing white dress leans against stone wall for senior portrait.jpg
20_Senior portrait of teen in white dress brushing back hair while leaning against a brick wall.jpg
13_Smiling teen kicks water on the banks of a river in outdoor senior portrait.jpg
19_Black and white senior portrait of teen girl against stone background.jpg
17_Brunette wearing green patterned dress poses under metal structure covered in vines for outdoor senior portrait.jpg
14_Brunette teen sits in a field of flowers for outdoor senior portrait.jpg
09_Brunette teen poses with her arm over her head in studio senior portrait.jpg
04_Brunette teen smiles at camera wearing patterned jumper for studio senior portrait.jpg
15_Brunette teen wearing Indian patterned dress leans against brick wall for senior portrait.jpg
08_Close up portrait of brunette teen with red background in studio.jpg
16_Brunette wearing green patterned dress smiles at camera for outdoor senior portrait.jpg
01_Young woman with brown, wavy hair looks at camera for studio senior portrait.jpg
11_Brunette teen sits on a stone next to a river wearing jean shorts and a tank top_.jpg
03_Brunette teen in patterned jumper stands with her hand on her hip in studio senior portrait.jpg
10_Brunette teen wearing patterned tank top smiles for senior portrait.jpg
05_Close up studio senior portrait of teen girl with brown hair and brown eyes.jpg