January 23, 2018

Christ the King Parish Wedding | Stephanie + Ryan

82_Groom holds bride outside of wedding reception at twilight.jpg

Christ the King Parish Wedding | Stephanie + Ryan

I’m a lucky guy. My work brings me to people’s happiest moments; moments that they will remember forever. Although it can be challenging, the energy and joy of these special moments drives my creative work to new depths with each event. Stephanie and Ryan’s wedding was filled with that energy. Their love for their families and for each other was evident in every detail.  Their ceremony took place at the cathedral of Christ the King in Rutland, VT. It’s a beautiful church with a enormous vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows.

After the ceremony, we moved to the Mountain Top Inn and Resort. I am fortunate to work there often. The venue is always a pleasure to photograph. Before the party kicked off, we got a chance to create some lovely photos of the newlyweds outside along the horse pastures with the Green Mountain range as our backdrop. We were even visited by a red fox! Back indoors, the Ben and Jerry’s cart was scooping ice cream and the King of Hearts band was rockin’. The bridal party got into the music with inflatable instruments and the kids were having a ball. It was a fun event. I wish Stephanie and Ryan all the best in their new adventure together.

If you are searching for a photographer to capture your most important moments, please get in touch. You can view more of my work on my blog and my portfolio. I look forward to witnessing your unique love and joy.

03_Two flower girls look at a wedding gown hanging in a window.jpg
04_A bride and her bridesmaid share a moment in their bathrobes.jpg
12_Bride and her bridesmaids laugh together on a porch overlooking Green Mountain range.jpg
02_Groom buttons a child into his suit vest.jpg
14_Bride is buttoned into her mermaid cut gown.jpg
17_Portrait of a brunette bride with sideswept hair and veil.jpg
07_The groom ties his tie.jpg
10_Portrait of a smiling groom in a grey three piece suit.jpg
09_The groom stands in front of a wooden arched door wearing a grey three piece suit.jpg
18_Father of the bride greets his daughter in her gown outside.jpg
19_Mother of the bride smiles at her daughter outside.jpg
21_Bride poses with her parents, her bridesmaids and her flower girls on balcony overlooking mountain range.jpg
23_Groom poses with his groomsmen with hands in pockets outside church.jpg
25_Cathedral and gardens in summertime.jpg
24_Young boy in grey three piece suit carries sign that reads ring security.jpg
29_Father and daughter share a smile just before he walks her down the isle.jpg
30_Groom watches bridal procession.jpg
32_Ecstatic bride walks down the isle with her father.jpg
33_Groom hugs the father of the bride at altar.jpg
37_Birds eye view of wedding ceremony in cathedral.jpg
36_Bride and groom share a smile during ceremony in church.jpg
40_Bride wipes the tears of groom at altar in cathedral_.jpg
43_Priest gives blessing at altar in cathedral.jpg
45_The grooms kisses his bride at the completion of wedding ceremony.jpg
47_Birds eye view of bride and groom walking up isle together.jpg
48_Groom shakes hands with guests as he walks up isle with bride.jpg
49_Portrait of bride and groom with priest in cathedral.jpg
52_Bride and groom kiss on the shore of a lake surrounded by green mountains.jpg
55_Bride laughs with her bridesmaids on the shore of a lake.jpg
53_Bridal party cheers for kissing bride and groom on the shore of a lake.jpg
58_A red fox visits a wedding reception.jpg
59_Bride and groom walk along a horse pasture in the Green Mountains of Vermont.jpg
60_Groom whispers to bride standing next to a wagon wheel and fence with green mountains in background.jpg
61_Bride and groom hold each other and smile for camera in front of green pasture.jpg
63_Bride and groom kiss next to horse pasture with green mountains rising behind them.jpg
66_Ring bearer checks out the dandelions in a bright green field.jpg
67_Bride and groom enter wedding reception with arms raised.jpg
68_Father of the bride shares a dance with his daughter.jpg
72_Wedding band rocks out at reception.jpg
73_Father of the bride makes a speech during wedding reception.jpg
75_Groomsman in shades gives a speech during reception.jpg
77_Birch bark wedding cake sits on top of a birch round at reception.jpg
78_Grandmother is all smiles at wedding reception.jpg
80_Young wedding guest hits the dance floor at reception.jpg
85_Flower girls rock out with blow up instruments at wedding reception.jpg
86_Wedding party rocks out with blow up instruments on dance floor of reception.jpg
90_Ring bearer joins wedding band with blow up guitar.jpg