August 14, 2018

Equestrian Adventures | Bailey’s Senior Portraits

Equestrian Adventures

Equestrian Adventures | Bailey’s Senior Portraits

Here’s Bailey! Bailey was one of my senior models from the class of 2018. She completed a studio session in the spring, and then she returned several months later in August for her on-location portraits. As you may have guessed from the title, she and I took her horse out for a little adventure to capture Bailey in her element. We walked around Dusty Dog Farm, where she boards her horse. She hopped on bareback for a few shots and led her through the pastures as I photographed them together. Afterwards we utilized the barn environment to get some senior portraits of Bailey in her home state. I particularly like the shot of her next to the sunflowers, and the wide shot of her leading her horse through the barn. 

I am a huge animal lover and spend time on the trails with my bike and my dog. I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts how much I enjoy when my clients include their animal companions in their portrait sessions. I find that animals bring out an unexpected and gentle angle in portraits. As we get older, we may forget what our latest interests were at the time of the session, but our beloved animal companions stick with us for a lifetime. 

Senior portrait season is in full effect. I am now booking for the class of 2019 and would love to capture you in your element. Bring along your sports equipment, favorite book or perhaps you’re like Bailey and want to include your horse! Let’s discuss your dream portrait session and then make it happen. I look forward to working with you. 

13_Teen leans against white barn wall next to sunflowers for senior portrait.jpg
02_Blonde teenaged woman poses laying down in studio for senior portrait wearing jeans and red teeshirt.jpg
07_Black and white senior portrait of young woman and her horse under trees.jpg
15_Blonde teen young woman wearing plaid shirt and jeans leans against barn door for senior portrait.jpg
12_Blonde teen stands under a tree with her horse for senior photo.jpg
10_Close up senior portrait of teen girl and her horse.jpg
01_Blonde teen girl poses for studio senior portrait wearing jeans and a red tee shirt.jpg
16_Blonde teen in striped dress lays on her stomach in field for senior portrait.jpg
09_Blonde teen stands with her horse in summer field.jpg
06_Teen girl looks at her horse as she leads it through barn for senior portrait.jpg
14_Black and white senior portrait of young woman wearing plaid shirt leaning against barn.jpg
04_Young woman leads her horse in barn for senior portrait.jpg
11_Wide shot of teen girl leading her horse under a tree for senior photo.jpg
03_Teen girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles smiles for studio senior portrait.jpg