Family Portraits: A Valuable Investment

Family Portraits: A Valuable Investment

As humans, it is in our nature to pass on our stories, to leave a mark in time that says I was here and this is who I was. From handprints outlined in red ochre found in the ancient caves of France, to our modern Instagram feeds, the evidence of who we are collectively and as individuals can be discovered all around us. My work as a photographer is to help you and your family leave your mark. To capture a moment in your lives together that’s beautiful and uniquely you.

For many of us, our place in the family is a defining part of our identity. The memories we share with them are the building blocks of our character. I like to look at my own transformation through my family portraits growing up, to the portraits I have with my own children today. Whether your family is big, small or still growing, a portrait session is an excellent way to encapsulate what each of us brings to the table.

Often as parents, we are the ones behind the camera. As a result we end up missing from all the family photos. Hiring a professional photographer allows you to enjoy the portrait session, and have fun with your family. Life gets busy, and the passage of time is inevitable. Before you know it the kids will be off to college. I encourage you to begin a family tradition and get your family portraits taken every few years. That way you can preserve these passing moments as your family grows and changes. You won’t regret it.

My family portrait sessions are all about you! I want to capture your family as authentically as possible. That’s why I offer on-site sessions. Let’s work in the place that you feel most comfortable to be yourselves. I like to be outside and let kids be kids! I always shoot a range of portraits from candid moments to more classic photos. When it comes time to ordering, you will have a variety of gorgeous photographs to choose from.

Let’s make a memory that tells your story. Get in touch to reserve your family portrait session today.

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