December 12, 2018

Hitched on the Dock | Marisa and Ted

52_Birds eye view of wedding ceremony taking place on a dock on a pond.jpg

Hitched on the Dock | Marisa and Ted

Marissa and Ted’s wedding was uniquely their own. They were married on a dock on a pond, with their guests looking on from the banks. Although it made things slightly more difficult to photograph in the traditional way, I was delighted by the challenge and excited to find creative ways to capture their special moments. With DIY elements throughout, the look and feel of the wedding had a successful bohemian vibe.

From garlands on the altar, the tables and around the tent, to the crowns on the bridesmaids, eucalyptus was everywhere. Perhaps it was a nod to their San Francisco home, or for it’s traditional spiritual magical protection- maybe both! There were hand painted wooden signs and a homemade keg beer dispensing station. Dream catchers hung from the roof of the tent alongside wicker balls with twinkle lights. The tables and chairs were wooden and matched the wooden tent poles. Everything, down to the last detail was clearly thought out and designed. It was beautiful. 

The bride, her bridesmaids and the flower girls got ready in an old schoolhouse located down the road from where the wedding took place that they found on Air B&B. That space in of itself had really awesome features to be photographed. The natural light poured in through the windows onto the brick walls. The bride had selected a gorgeous off-the-shoulder gown and each bridesmaid had a different color or patterned off-the-shoulder dress to compliment her. We hung them all in a large window and it made for an excellent splash of color and defined the space as theirs to get ready for the day ahead.

Meanwhile down the road, the groom passed out socks that were custom printed with funny photos of his groomsmen on them. His bright blue suit was an excellent blend with the grey suits worn by his groomsmen. Again, whomever picked out the details for this wedding has an extraordinary eye for design. I had a ton of fun capturing Marissa and Ted’s wedding and I hope they’re happy with the results. I wish them a happy, healthy and prosperous life together. 

Searching for the right photographer to capture all the special details of your wedding day? Check out my portfolio and get in touch to see if I might be the right fit for your big moment. I look forward to hearing from you. 

22_Bride, bridesmaids and flower girls pose in front of hanging dresses before wedding.jpg
09_Bridal party gets ready for wedding ceremony_.jpg
08_Bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses hang in window surrounded by brick wall.jpg
11_Socks custom printed with photos of groomsmen.jpg
14_Bridesmaids wearing matching robes laugh in a doorway.jpg
16_Flower girls try on their new necklaces.jpg
20_Flower girls play in front of wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses.jpg
23_Groom in blue suit stands with his father and groomsmen in grey suits outside_.jpg
19_Groom gets boutonniere pinned on his suit.jpg
24_Bride puts on her white heels before ceremony.jpg
25_Bride stands outside building on stone steps wearing off the shoulder gown.jpg
26_Bride stands outside building on stone steps wearing off the shoulder gown with her bridesmaids in floral off the shoulder gowns and flower girls in white.jpg
27_Bride walks onto school bus to go to ceremony.jpg
28_Groom waits for first look ceremony.jpg
30_Bride taps groom on the shoulder for first look.jpg
32_Bride and groom kiss during first look.jpg
33_Bride adjusts groom's boutonniere.jpg
34_Bride and groom stand near pond and are reflected in water.jpg
35_Bride and groom laugh and hold hands while refected in the nearby pond.jpg
36_Bridal party stands on the banks of pond with their arms raised.jpg
37_Groomsman in grey suit plays music for ceremony.jpg
39_Wedding guests arrive for outdoor ceremony.jpg
40_Wedding guests hold hands as the arrive for ceremony.jpg
41_Groom walks with his mother to ceremony.jpg
42_Bridal party walks to outdoor ceremony.jpg
44_Flower girls throw petals on the way to ceremony.jpg
45_Flower girl in white lace and daisy crown throws petals near pond.jpg
46_Bride walks hand in hand with her parents to outdoor ceremony.jpg
47_Bride arrives at ceremony with her parents.jpg
48_Bride arrives with her parents to ceremony on pond.jpg
49_Bride and groom walk on dock to altar on pond.jpg
51_Bride and groom stand with officiant under altar on dock_.jpg

53_Wedding ceremony on a dock on a pond.jpg
54_Wide shot of wedding ceremony taking place on a dock on a pond.jpg
56_Groom smiles at bride under altar made from eucalyptus.jpg
57_Guests watch wedding ceremony on the banks of a pond.jpg
60_Bride puts the ring on her groom's finger in outdoor ceremony on pond.jpg
61_Bride and groom kiss under altar on dock on a pond.jpg
63_Bride and groom hug during ceremony on a dock on a pond.jpg
64_Bride and groom walk up dock together after ceremony on pond.jpg
65_Bride and groom leave ceremony as guests clap.jpg
66_Bride and groom walk together in green summer weather.jpg
67_Flower girl plays with the train on the bride's dress_.jpg
68_Bride poses with her bridesmaids next to pond. All wearing off the shoulder dresses.jpg
69_Bride and bridesmaids hold groom in the air.jpg
70_Groom in blue suit poses with his groomsmen in grey suits near pond.jpg
71_Bride and groom hold each other on porch after ceremony.jpg72_Groom kisses bride near stone wall in summer time._.jpg
73_Bride smiles as she gets kissed on the cheek by groom in outdoor portrait.jpg
74_Bride and groom enter tent for reception together.jpg
05_Dream catchers hang from eucalyptus garlands in tent for wedding reception.jpg
06_Wooden pallet painted with wedding schedule.jpg
04_Personalized drink menu for wedding reception on wooden plank.jpg
01_DIY beer station with beer on tap for wedding reception.jpg
75_Bride and groom share first dance under tent.jpg
76_Flower girl sneaks into first dance to play.jpg
77_Groom dips bride during first dance.jpg
78_Bride and groom wave to their guests after first dance.jpg
79_Wedding cake decorated with green ferns and acorn frosting.jpg
87_Bride and groom cut the cake during wedding reception.jpg
80_Bride and groom listen to speeches from parents at their seats.jpg
81_Parents of the bride laugh as they welcome guests with speech under tent.jpg
83_Groomsmen read speeches under tent.jpg
84_Bride shares dance with her father under tent.jpg
86_Groom dances with his mother under tent_.jpg
89_Guests dance to live band at wedding reception under tent.jpg
88_Wedding reception under tent in the moonlight.jpg