Leanne + Justin Engaged


A Keene Engagement Session

Leanne and Justin were married this summer (more on that soon!) and I was honored to capture their engagement photos before the wedding. Here’s their proposal story, enjoy!

“It was my one day off that week and Justin called out sick when he found out the ring was ready(even though I thought he was at work) he went and picked up the ring and then came home around noon and asked if I wanted to go to lunch. I was a huge pain in the butt and said no, because I wasn’t hungry. Haha We ended up going for a hike to a gorgeous waterfall that we hadn’t been to since we had first started dating 5 years earlier. Unbeknownst to me he had set up his go pro to capture the moment. we were standing by the waterfall admiring it when he got down on one knee, I thought he was falling into the water and bent down to help him, he was all flustered and just blurted out a big speech about how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and then I started to catch on to what was happening!”

03_couple-forehead-to-forehead-by-wooden-fence 04_couple-smiling-while-leaning-on-bridge 06_couple-smiling-while-sitting-on-boulders 07_couple-smiling-on-swings 09_couple-kissing-while-wading-in-river 10_couple-smiling-and-holding-hands-while-walking-down-gravel-road 11_couple-smiling-at-each-other-as-they-sit-underneath-tree 12_couple-has-arms-around-each-other-as-they-stand-under-tree 13_couple-standing-in-stone-doorway-hugs-each-other 14_couple-leans-against-rock-wall 16_couple-stands-together-in-barn

Up next on the blog will be their wedding from this summer! Until then, check out another engagement session here.

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