Meredith + Patrick | Engaged


Keene Summer Engagement Session

When you combine perfect weather, a field full of wildflowers, and a dog – you’re bound to capture some great moments. Lucky for me, all three of these elements were part of Meredith & Patrick’s Outdoor Summer Engagement Session.

As a wedding photographer, I’m pretty lucky. I get to see people at their happiest. Whether it’s for an engagement session where the excitement is building for the big day (plus, it can be a nice change of pace from all the wedding planning) or for the actual wedding day where everything the happy couple has worked on for the past year comes together – I don’t have to work to get people to smile. The real, genuine smiles come naturally. You know, the kind of smiles that make your cheeks hurt at the end of the day. In a good way.

My time with Meredith & Patrick was full of smiles, but it was also full of laughter and scratches behind the ears (for their dog). It was a time for the happy couple to take a break from the stress of planning their wedding. It was a time to document this moment in their lives. It was also a perfect time to focus just on them. Years from now, they will look at these pictures and remember how excited they were to have found one another.

It was so much fun getting to know this totally-in-love couple and I can’t wait to capture more loving moments on their wedding day.

01_happy-couple-holding-hands-while-walking-down-concrete-bridge 03_smiling-couple-sitting-on-wooden-bench-outdoors 04_couple-kissing-outside-of-home-while-holding-leash-of-their-dog 05_happy-couple-with-their-dog-outside-holding-save-the-date-sign 07_kissing-couple-standing-under-tree 08_happy-couple-standing-on-rock-overlooking-mountains 10_happy-couple-holding-hands-while-walking-through-wild-flower-field 11_smiling-couple-standing-in-wild-flower-field 12_happy-couple-kissing-in-wild-flower-field 14_happy-couple-holding-hands-while-walking-through-farm-field-with-dog 15_happy-couple-holding-hands-while-walking-through-farm-field-with-dog 13_happy-couple-laughing-in-grass-field-at-dusk

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