November 1, 2017

Marriage of Traditions | Mita + Kelsey

01_Bride and groom in traditional Indian attire kiss in front of land rover decorated in red and white flowers and

Marriage of Traditions | Mita and Kelsey

Mita and Kelsey’s wedding day was a delightful blend of Eastern and Western traditions. They were married on a beautiful Summer afternoon at Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire. In preparing for the day, Mita’s hands and feet were exquisitely decorated with henna and bejeweled wth Indian bangles. We created some beautiful photos of her getting ready, using the colors of the room and a silhouette technique.  The procession to the Mandap (altar) was a burst of joyous dancing and ceremonial traditions that spread smiles across the mountain landscape. Once at the Mandap, the ceremony was marked with numerous traditional Indian customs. After being declared husband and wife, this lovely couple drove off in a antique Land Rover draped in garlands of red and white flowers. Then, they changed into different clothes and made their way to the reception held in the banquet hall, where they danced the night away surrounded by their friends and families. This couple was a particular joy to work with because of their kind nature and fun spirit. I wish them all the best in their life together.

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107_Groom whispers to bride as they sit together on chairlift.jpg

02_Bride's feet are tattooed with henna for the wedding.jpg
05_Bride smiles at her reflection with decorative gold and pearl headpiece on.jpg
10_Silhouette of bride getting her makeup done with red wall and lamp in background.jpg
06_Bride helps guest with makeup.jpg
13_Portrait of bride in embroidered red and gold sari.jpg
14_Bridesmaid greets groom with traditional ceremony while the groomsmen watch in red and gold._.jpg
16_Groom arrives in an antique land rover.jpg
23_Mother hugs groom in traditional Indian wedding attire.jpg
22_Wedding altar with flowing red curtains and chairs facing each other is prepared for ceremony.jpg
01_Groom in traditional red and gold Indian wedding attire gives speech from the top of land rover.jpg
28_Wedding guests dance in procession.jpg
31_Wide shot of wedding guests dancing in processional_.jpg
34_Groom smiles in reflection of the car mirror as he proceeds towards wedding ceremony.jpg
36_Wedding guests form circle around drummer.jpg
40_Little girl in blue and white dress claps her hands.jpg
41_Mother and father lead groom to ceremony.jpg
43_Guest greets groom with a pot filled with leaves on her head.jpg
47_Groom walks down the isle with parents and future in-laws.jpg
49_Parents of the bride and groom watch ceremony.jpg
52_Ring bearer and flower girl proceed down isle.jpg
55_Bridesmaids in red and gold saris walk down isle.jpg
60_Bride in golden veil proceeds towards ceremony.jpg
63_Guests stand as bride is led down isle.jpg
65_Groom reaches through tapestry to hold bride's hand.jpg
68_Groom smiles at bride at altar.jpg
70_Bride places flower chain around groom's neck.jpg
73_Bridal party sits to watch ceremony.jpg
75_String is held above the heads of the bride and groom as they grasp hands at altar.jpg
77_Bride and groom are tied together during ceremony.jpg
78_Father of the groom greets father of the bride at altar.jpg
82_Wedding guests offer blessings to bride.jpg
85_Bride and groom are seated together at altar as wedding guest reads to them.jpg
87_Groom sprinkles powder onto bride at altar.jpg
91_Bride and groom kiss at altar surrounded by flower petals.jpg
93_Woman whispers to bride at altar.jpg
95_Bride and groom stand with hands together at altar.jpg
97_Bride and groom in traditional Indian attire pose with family.jpg
100_Bride and groom stand nose to nose at green forest edge.jpg
102_Bride and groom peek around corners of stone wall at each other.jpg
104_Bride and groom smile at each other next to land rover decorated in white and red flower chains.jpg
106_Bride and groom stand together in field.jpg
01_Mountain Edge venue sign in Sunapee, NH.jpg
17_Seating cards are displayed on a table with a sign that reads
20_Head table set for two with wooden log candle holder.jpg
109_Bride and groom share first dance at reception.jpg
113_Bride and groom smile at each other during first dance.jpg
115_Mother of the bride hugs groom.jpg
118_Bride hugs father with henna tattooed hands.jpg
119_Father of the groom gives speech.jpg
120_Bridesmaid gives a toast.jpg
122_Groom serves bride from buffet.jpg
124_DJ mixes tunes at wedding reception.jpg
125_Bridesmaids dance during wedding reception.jpg
126_Bride smiles with wedding guest.jpg
130_Wedding guests dance from above_.jpg
132_Bride and groom are surrounded by guests on dance floor.jpg
134_Bride and groom cut cupcakes together.jpg
136_Bride and groom dance together during wedding reception.jpg
137_Bride smiles and hugs wedding guest.jpg
141_Kids dance during wedding reception.jpg