June 6, 2018

Senior Portraits | Libby

27_Teen in white dress stands in a green field for senior portrait.jpg

Senior Portraits | Libby

I had the pleasure of photographing Libby’s sister Sara for her senior photos. Libby was one of my senior models. She was a blast to photograph. She’s fierce! She’s also funny and full of warmth. In her studio session, she brought along her lacrosse gear, and I love how that portrait turned out. For her outdoor session, we went to one of my favorite places to photograph: Stonewall Farm. We walked all over the grounds finding interesting and fun places to photograph, like way up high in a giant maple tree!

Libby is all about sports and plans to study exercise science in college. She swims and plays lacrosse. When asked what her dream job would be, Libby responded that she dreams of becoming a synchronized swimmer at Sea World. That’s one I’ve never heard before, and I can totally see that coming to fruition. Good luck in your future endeavors, Libby! I hope to get the opportunity to photograph you and your family throughout the years to come.

If you have a loved one that will be entering their senior year this fall, I encourage you to set up a session for their senior portraits. For the senior, it’s a great way to boost self confidence, show off their passions and skills, and urge them on to the finish line. For you, capturing this special moment in time with a gorgeous framed portrait or album will serve as an excellent reminder for all the hard work you put in too. For examples of what we can create together, check out my portfolio or other blog posts and then get in touch!

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11_Teen girl in black blouse stands against wooden door in stone arch way for senior portrait.jpg
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