June 28, 2018

Summertime with my Dog | Victoria’s Senior Portraits

Summertime with my Dog

Summertime with my Dog | Victoria’s Senior Portraits

Victoria is all about the good times. She’s easygoing, funny and smart. She LOVES soccer and she loves to laugh. Here are some fun facts about Victoria: She can touch her tongue to her nose, can’t live without Netflix, slays at candy crush and owns too many tee shirts. She likes to listen to Adele, Lady Gaga and Coldplay. 

Before graduating the spring, Victoria was a hardworking student. She participated in the student athlete leadership committee, the national art honors society and of course the soccer team. She thinks she’ll miss seeing her friends and soccer buddies everyday next year. However, she plans to spend the summer sipping raspberry iced tea and enjoying their company. She plans to stay local and attend Keene State College, where she will study biology. She dreams of working in genetic research- very cool!

In planning for her session Victoria mentioned that she was afraid of having a fake smile in her photos. If she’s got a fake one in her arsenal, I never saw it. In fact, her bright smiles are contagious. Our session was full of laughter and fun. She brought along her sweet dog, and its clear how close their bond is. I wish her all the best in her future. 

Senior Portrait season is in full swing! If you’ve got a student who will be entering their senior year, I encourage you to set up a session for them. Let’s get outdoors, enjoy this summer and shoot some excellent photos while we are at it. Check out more of my work with seniors on my blog and then get in touch!

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