June 21, 2018

Venue Spotlight | Stonewall Farm

Stonewall portrait of bride and groom

Venue Spotlight | Stonewall Farm

This week I’d like to highlight another one of my favorite New England wedding venues: Stonewall Farm. I love when I get to work within my own community, and this venue happens to be local for me. It’s located just outside of Keene, NH off the Franklin Pierce Highway, and is open to the public year round. Due to the extraordinary architectural and natural features of the farm, I often bring my senior or engagement portrait clients here for their outdoor sessions. I’ve photographed many beautiful weddings hosted at Stonewall Farm over the years, and I hope to be invited back for many more.

Weddings here can be held outside or in, depending on your taste and the weather. The main building is clad in rich wooden siding and shingles. It stands out with an authentic grain silo that has been adapted into a giant spiral staircase. The large rustic themed reception hall is hewn from timbers and stands two stories high. Another draw of this room is the 30 foot stone fireplace. The hall can be decorated to your liking, and I have witnessed all four seasons represented elegantly in the decor. They can host up to 150 guests and offer three ceremony locations, as well as a patio for cocktail hour and foliage viewing. Another cool thing about the building is that it was built by the same company that build my studio, Bensonwood.

On top of being a magnificent wedding and event venue, Stonewall Farm is a working organic dairy and vegetable farm. Dedicated to providing education and information on sustainable agriculture, they offer classes, workshops and summer camps for a variety of topics and ages. Boasting 123 acres of pastures, gardens, wetlands and forests, visitors are welcome to bring their families for a multitude of activities including: hiking, biking, sleigh rides and tours of the farm. They offer CSA’s and have a lovely farm store where you can purchase ice cream, vegetables, cheese and more.

If you’re searching for a memorable and sublime rustic farm aesthetic, this venue is not to be missed. To inspire your future event, I’ve selected some highlights from the events and sessions I’ve photographed there. Event manager, Jennifer Doyle is ready to answer your questions, and I would be happy to offer you a consult for a photography package held at Stonewall Farm. See you there!

Stonewall Farm Evening Wedding Portrait  Bride and Groom kiss in garden at Stonewall FarmWarm fall wedding details at Stonewall Farm 48_looking-down-at-bride-through-staircase-as-she-looks-up   Stonewall Farm Wedding Ceremony Husband and Wife hold hands at altar after ceremony  Groom twirls bride during first dance at Stonewall Farm Fall Decor for Autumn wedding keene-new-hampshire-wedding-maroon-bridal-party Stonewall Farm Wedding 40_bride-groom-first-dance-by-stone-fireplace 37_bride-groom-first-kiss-barn 22_groom-holds-pitchfork 21_farm-sign-Stonewall-Farm 26_table-centerpiece_Stonewall_farm 34_wedding-ceremony-in-barn 36_timber-frame-arch-wedding 77_bride-groom-dance 67_bride-groom-kiss-pickup-truck Stonewall Farm Wedding Reception Details Keene New Hampshire Wedding Details Bride and Groom walk down dirt road at Stonewall Farm Wedding Brigade photo in front of horse barn Bride and Groom pose for portrait next to tractor Stonewall Farm Wedding Stonewall Farm Ceremony Reception Details featuring blue linens and sunflowers Bride and Groom in the Field Bride and Groom Portrait in barn Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Stonewall Farm Wedding Welcome Bride and Groom Exit in car Just Married bride and groom walk up isle Bride and baby daughter look out the window while getting ready Wedding Ceremony at Stonewall Farm 49_bride-cousin-walk-down-aisle 08_bride-walks-up-to-groom-from-behind keene-new-hampshire-wedding-Stonewall-Farm Stonewall Farm outdoor wedding ceremony  Moonrising at Stonewall Farm Groom and Bride hold each other close in sweet first dance Ceremony held inside reception hall at Stonewall Farm  Wedding table settings and details for reception at Stonewall Farm Bride and Groom pose next to wooden barn with red window Stonewall Farm Wedding portrait under tree next to tractor Wedding Details at Stonewall Farm Bride and Groom walk through a garden at Stonewall Farm Reception Entrance Dance at Stonewall Farm Fall Decor for wedding reception held at Stonewall Farm   Bride and Father walk down isle 64_bride-groom-sit-hay-bales Stonewall Farm Reception Details 66_bride-groom-pickup-truck Bride and Groom pose for outdoor wedding portrait Bride and groom look down autumn country road Bride and Groom walk down summer path together  56_bride-smiles-groom 32_mr-mrs-beer-koozies 32_bride-groom-sit-on-ground-while-wedding-party-is-in-horse-drawn-cart-in-front-of-barn 34_bride-groom-hold-hands-while-walking-down-gravel-road 24_bride-groom-smile-at-each-other-by-barn-window 18_bride-groom-smile-at-each-other-in-barn 16_bride-outdoors-at-Stonewall-Farm