June 20, 2018

Violin En Pointe | Jayna’s Senior Photos

10_Young woman in red dress and ballet shoes dances on country road for senior portrait.jpg

Violin En Pointe | Jayna’s Senior Photos

Jayna’s session was so much fun! She had great ideas to make her senior portraits distinctively her. She is a happy person, and it’s infectious to be around. It’s probably clear what her passions are, but just in case you can’t figure it out, they are: music, dance and running. I loved her description of the perfect day, “67° weather, going for a 7 mile early morning run, having a big breakfast, practicing for an hour and a half, having ballet class, going for a walk while the sun sets.” Well the weather was on point (pun intended) and we covered as many of those activities as possible in her sessions. I absolutely love the way these photos turned out. I can’t pick a favorite. You’ll have to tell me in the comments which one stands out to you!

Jayna has big plans for her future. She plans to study music performance at Berklee. Then she wants to follow in the steps of her idol David Garrett and arrange classical music into rock symphonies and tour the world. My guess is she will accomplish that, but do it as only Jayna could do it. That is to say, uniquely her own style. 

Do you have a student that will be entering their senior year of high school this fall? Are they passionate about a sport, an instrument or an activity? Booking a personalized portrait session is a great way to celebrate the hard work of finishing high school. Together we will create lasting memories of this special time before your baby leaves the nest. I encourage you to check out my portfolio, or some of my other blog posts. Then, give me a call to set up your complimentary consultation. I look forward to hearing from you. 

06_Young woman wearing red dress poses for studio senior portrait with violin_.jpg08_Teen girl wearing floral skirt, pink tank top and ballet shoes poses in dance move on pergola steps _.jpg12_Teen girl wearing red dress walks down country road with a collection of shoes thrown over her shoulder.jpg
15_Young woman in pink off the shoulder floral dress swings barefoot while wearing daisy crown.jpg
22_Silhouette of teen playing violin against sunset sky.jpg03_Young woman in purple long sleeve, jeans and a scarf sits with hand on chin for studio senior portrait.jpg02_Teenaged girl wearing jean jacket and white dress smiles with arms folded across chest for studio senior portrait.jpg
07_Young woman wearing red dress and ballet slippers dances with violin for studio senior portrait.jpg
20_Young woman wearing lace dress sits at a piano with hands on lap for senior portrait.jpg
09_Young woman stands on her toes in ballet shoes with arms outstretched on stairs to pergola.jpg
11_Teen girl wearing red dress stands on her toes in ballet shoes and plays violin on country road.jpg
17_Black and white portrait of teen girl wearing lace dress in front of barn.jpg
13_Teen girl wearing red dress walks down country road barefoot with her collection of dance and running shoes.jpg
21_Silhouette of teen girl playing violin in font of large wall of windows and green landscape.jpg
16_Young woman in pink off the shoulder floral dress poses for outdoor senior photo wearing flower crown.jpg
14_Young woman in pink off the shoulder floral dress poses with her violin next to a sign that reads Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music.jpg
18_Teen girl wearing lace dress poses for senior photo in front of barn.jpg
04_Teen girl wearing purple long sleeve, jeans and a scarf sits and smiles for studio senior portrait.jpg